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Asphalt Maintenance Company

Government / Commercial / Industrial
Atlantic and South - Eastern Regions

OFFICE: (434) 634-2111
TOLL FREE: (866) 423-6400
FAX: (434) 634-0024

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Maintenance Solutions

Asphalt Maintenance Service Descriptions

No job is too big or too small. From an airport runway to a shopping mall parking lot, factory, subdivision road, or office complex. Let us help you project a first-class image to your customers or residents while saving you costly repairs through good maintenance practices.

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Asphalt is the most durable, cost effective, and long-lasting material used for paving. Resurfacing existing asphalt pavements is often necessary when asphalt is severely deteriorated. The process involves grinding, removal, cleaning, and leveling, of existing asphalt. Then adjustments can be made to drainage, layouts, etc. Asphalt resurfacing is a long-term solution to maintenance of severely deteriorated pavements. REMAC provides asphalt maintenance service throughout the Mid-Atlantic and South-Eastern regions.

Who would have thought 50 years ago that our growth in population, technology, airports and economic development would result in millions of square yards of airport runways, airport taxiways, roadways and parking lots? In order to meet the demands of increased traffic on asphalt surfaces on airports, roads, and parking lots designed over the last five decades, preservation and preventative maintenance is a must.

Hot Rubberized Crack Filling / Sealing

Hot pour rubberized crack or joint sealing materials are used on highways, streets, private roads and parking lots (residential, commercial and industrial), truck and bus terminals, and airport runways.

Joints or cracks sealed with hot pour rubberized crack sealer are proven to out-perform cold applied and non-rubberized compounds. Although the initial application of hot-pour material may cost a little more, this cost is returned in the additional years of pavement life. The increasing demand for crack and joint sealing products throughout North America and other parts of the world confirms the huge savings in asphalt maintenance cost.

Crack Sealing extends pavement life by shielding cracks and minimizing spreading. When cracks are filled with hot pour rubberized material, your asphalt will be protected from water, sand, stone, and dirt entering and causing more damage. Crack Sealing is an essential first step against pavement deterioration and delays costly resurfacing.

Patching / Pothole Repair

Potholes are a result of water freezing and expanding within pavement cracks, and are filled with asphalt mix for repair. Asphalt removal and replacement is sometimes needed for severely deteriorated areas. Patching and repairs are an inexpensive way to prevent further damage to your pavement and remove potential liability issues.

Seal Coating

Cover your existing pavement surface with a thin coat of asphalt sealer to give pavement a brand-new look and maximize its life. Seal coating is like a waterproofing layer which makes asphalt more resistant to damage from oxidation, water, oil, gas, and sunlight. Seal coating preserves asphalt for a low cost per square foot and is one of the most important elements of pavement management.

Parking Lot Line Painting / Stenciling

Pavement markings are one of the first things noticed by business owners customers and visitors. It is important that people are directed safely around a parking lot that is well marked. In addition, a strong color contrast with pavement markings is attractive and indicates that the property owner emphasizes maintenance. Re-striping can also improve traffic flow, maximize space, or designate parking.

Before striping a parking lot, it must be determined whether a parking lot needs designated parking spaces for handicapped or disabled people. Remac will either re-stripe or configure new markings per your blueprints; or we will redesign the layout for you using the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) guidelines placed in effect in 1990. All businesses, regardless of size, are now required to have a suitable amount of handicapped-accessible and van parking spaces.

Preventative Maintenance / Rejuvenation

Asphalt aging is accelerated by contact with oil, gas, sunlight, salt, water, and extreme temperatures. When making decisions about preventative maintenance, refer to the following tips:

  • Carefully inspect your pavement for signs of failure or potential liability issues.
  • Seal coating pavement will slow pavement deterioration and should be done every 2 to 3 years for maximum benefit.
  • Cracks between 1/4 and 1 inch wide should be filled to prevent spreading and double the life of your pavement.

Sign Installation

Remac offers a varied selection of standard signage solutions, from HANDICAPPED to RESERVED to FIRE LANE, etc. We will also custom design any sign to meet your needs; whatever you need, we will find a way to do it.


No asphalt maintenance job is too big or too small. From a airport runway to a shopping mall parking lot, subdivision road, factory or office complex.

Let us help you project a first-class image to your customers and residents while saving you costly repairs through good maintenance practices.

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Our Services

Our asphalt maintenance services include but are not limited to the following:

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Regional Service Provider Benefits

  • Service with one phone call
  • Servicing Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, and Washington DC , and other areas upon request
  • Consistent use of appropriate materials and quality standards
  • A lower unit cost on services when implementing a multiple site service agreement
  • Property reviews and evaluations including budgeting assistance
  • One stop for managed properties
  • Quality services delivered on time and at a lower cost

Parking Lot Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your parking lot can save thousands of dollars. It is not just the costly repairs that will arise from improper maintenance but also your legal liabilities if someone were to claim injuries from stepping or driving into a pothole on your lot.

Even though asphalt is extremely strong and durable the sun, weather, water infiltration, damages from vegetation and surrounding trees, traffic, and oil drippings do have a damaging effect.

Over time asphalt dries out and loses its flexible properties. The sun essentially cooks or dries out the liquids right out of the hot mix asphalt surface. This progression does not happen overnight, but as everyone knows asphalt is very black when it is first applied then over time turns gray in color. This graying process is called oxidization. The Asphalt liquids have been cooked out slowly leaving dried out asphalt pavement. We all know rock isn't very flexible so once the liquids are dried out this causes the asphalt to crack and then the pavement gets worse! Water seeps into it causing more and more decay. The outcome is that small cracks become large cracks and eventually large cracks become potholes the surface needs to be repaired or in severe cases replaced. Before your asphalt surface gets to this point it needs to be seal coated to protect the surface and prevent these costly repairs.

A member of our staff will gladly evaluate your parking lot, airport, or subdivision roads. If you have any problem areas we will give you different repair options when available. We offer many cost effective solutions to extend the life of your pavement.

Maintenance Program

When you are not sure how to handle your pavement maintenance needs, allow our professionals to do it for you. We can establish an ongoing program to ensure that you are getting the most out of your pavement, while remaining cost effective and efficient. Pavement maintenance programs will allow you to manage the life of your pavement so that it will provide you with years of durability at the least expense to you while also maintaining a professional look for your business.

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